A car bomb in northern Baghdad killed at least 16 Iranian pilgrims on their way to a Shia shrine.

Iraqi police officials announced that the explosion, which occurred today June 7 in Maghdadia, killed 16 Iranian pilgrims and wounded another 44.

Iraqi officials report that the bus was on its way to Najaf when it was targeted.

Najaf is a common destination for Shia pilgrims in Iraq and is often frequented by Iranians hoping to visit the tomb of the first Shia Imam. Najaf, along with Karbala and Samara, are the top destinations for Shia pilgrims touring Iraq.

Two weeks earlier, another group of Iranian pilgrims was the target of a terrorist attack, which led to five deaths and 17 injuries.

AFP reports that terrorist attacks have risen sharply and last month was one of the country’s deadliest months since 2008.