Abbas Araghchi

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Araghchi has dismissed allegations that Iran has military forces in Syria. He said on Thursday afternoon that such allegations are completely false and merely a tactic of “Syria’s enemies.”

ISNA reports that Araghchi said: “Iranian forces have never been present in Syria, and Syria’s enemies merely want to throw obstacles in the path of recovery from the current situation by creating diversions.”

At a meeting in Jordan, the so-called “Friends of Syria” group called on Iran and Hezbollah to remove their military forces from Syria.

Despite allegations by the Syrian opposition that Hezbolah forces have been assisting the Beshar Assad government in recent conflicts in Ghasir, senior U.S. diplomats have said there is no concrete evidence that Iran or Hezbollah is offering military assistance to the Syrian government.

Iran has remained a faithful supporter of the Beshar Assad government throughout the past years of conflict in Syria and takes the position that the forces against Assad are supported by foreign terrorists.