Esmail Ahmadi Moghaddam

The head of Iran’s security forces has announced that the forces under his command will implement more protective and regulatory guidelines to prevent any form of nepotism in the election.

ISNA reports that Esmail Ahmadi Moghaddam announced that the staff and officers under his command have been strictly forbidden from using the tools and resources of the police force in support of any candidate.

“City Council elections are local, and many officers may have a relative acting as a candidate, and this could create conflict of interest for the officers,” Ahmadi Moghaddam said. He stressed that the officers have been warned not to show any favouritism in the course of their duties and to stay out of the election campaign.

He added that extra inspections are being carried out to make sure local officers are abiding by the ban on getting involved in election campaigns.

Municipal elections are being held at the same time as this year’s presidential election in Iran, which is slated for June 14.