The fifth court session involving Tehran’s former prosecutor and the death of detainees under torture in the Kahrizak Detention Centre took place today, May 1.

In past sessions, the case against the three judiciary officials was presented, and former prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi and his assistant, Ali Akbar Heydarifar, gave their defence.

In today’s session, Heydarifar’s defence was wrapped up, and the attorney for Hassan Zareh Dehnavi, a judge accused in the case, began his defence. Zareh Dehnavi did not attend the session, and the judges have said that he is within his rights not to attend; however, if they feel his presence is necessary, he may receive a summons.

Saeed Mortazavi has complained that the trial is being held behind closed doors. “There is no secret about this,” Mortazavi told the media. “There is not even one page of evidence to establish the accusations against me.”

The presiding judge has announced, however, that all sessions will be held behind closed doors.

The three officials are charged with transferring the detained protesters to Kahrizak Detention Centre in 2009, knowing that they would be subjected to torture.

Mohsen Ruholamini, Amir Javadifar and Mohammd Kamrani died while in custody under torture. The reports of the death and abuse in the centre led Iran’s Supreme Leader to order its closure in 2009.

The families of the victims have objected to the treatment their children received and want the former Tehran prosecutor to answer to the charge of “complicity in murder.”