An Iranian accused in an alleged bomb plot in Thailand pleaded not guilty in a Thai court on Friday April 26.

Saeed Moradi, 26, who lost both his feet in the explosion, told the court that he had found the explosives and was trying to dispose of them safely when they detonated and blew off his legs.

Moradi told the court that he found the bombs inside radios in a cupboard in a rented apartment. He said he accidentally triggered one of the bombs when he opened a cupboard and was stunned, thinking it was a smoke bomb.

He said he was leaving in a taxi to dispose of it when he was caught by the police.

Moradi told the court: “I knew if the police stopped me, I'd have to drop the bomb, which may have endangered them and people nearby. So I threw it about a metre in front of me.”

Mohammad Khazai, 42, another suspect in the alleged plot, is set to testify after Moradi. The two are charged with attempted murder and possession of explosives. Both have pleaded not guilty.