Bushehr Nuclear Plant

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar have called for an international inspection of Iran’s Bushehr Nuclear Plant following a recent earthquake 90 kilometres from the power plant.

The Persian Gulf Cooperation Council met in Riyadh on Sunday April 14 and, according to AFP, the leaders of the six member countries expressed grave concern about the possibility of a nuclear disaster resulting from an earthquake at the nuclear power plant, which has only been in operation in recent years.

The head of the council, Abdollatif Ziyani, said: “I will be frank that the [Bushehr] earthquake and the possible [radioactive] leakage  have caused great concern in the Persian Gulf countries.”

He emphasized that the International Atomic Energy Agency must inspect the nuclear plant, adding that a team should be dispatched immediately to assure that the plant poses no threat.

The council previously had expressed its opposition to the construction of a nuclear plant in the earthquake-prone region of Bushehr.

The council is now calling on Iran to address its concerns with utmost transparency.