Ali Mozafari, the head of Shiraz Adelabad Prison, resigned from his post after apologizing to jailed dervishes Kasra Nouri and Saleh Moradi.

Majzooban-e Noor, the Gonabadi dervishes’ website, reports that Mozafari visited Nouri and Moradi on his last day as the prison warden and informed them that he had made “every effort to communicate the demands of the dervishes to the judicial officials of the country.”

Mozafari has accused the judiciary of failing to pay adequate attention to the needs of the jailed dervishes.

According to Majzooban-e Noor, Mozafari then proceeded to apologize to the two dervishes, who have suffered for months on a hunger strike in protest against the mistreatment of their lawyers, who were jailed and held in solitary in Evin Prison