Mohammad Khatami

Prominent reformist figure Zahra Eshraghi says the first choice of the reformists for candidacy in the election is former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami.

Eshraghi, who is also the granddaughter of the late Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini, told the Baztab website: “Since we identify with reformism and believe that the country can be saved through reform, considering all components and the fact that Mr. Kahtami is one of the influential figures in our country, we have decided to become firmly active in the election through his endorsement.”

She added: “With the efforts of a group of young political activists that support reform and Mr. Khatami, the ‘Aftab-e Sobh-e Omid’ organization has been established that will take on the task of running the campaign, should Mr. Khatami announce that he will run in the election.”

Many well-known reformists have called on Mohammad Khatami to run in the presidential election, which is set for June of this year.

Since the reformist candidates of the 2009 presidential election remain under house arrest and the establishment has heavily sidelined all reformists figures in the past four years, Khatami has been hesitant to join the presidential race, and it is not clear whether the Guardian Council will recognize his eligibility if he nominates himself.