Mohammad Hassan Nami

Iran’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has announced that in four months it will launch Islamic Google Earth.

Mohammad-Hassan Nami, the Minister of Communications and IT, told the Mehr News Agency: “The operational basis for the Islamic Google Earth project, entitled Baseer, has been prepared, and by creating an adequate data centre, it will be finalized within four months.”

Nami claimed that Google Earth “aims to collect security data in various countries” and added: “Although this site presents itself as a service site, behind the scenes it is in the hands of security and intelligence organizations that collect data from various countries.”

He claimed the planned Islamic site will aim to “guide the people of the world toward the truth without looking at profits… our only profit is to guide people in the right direction.”

He stressed that Iran only “subscribes to divine benchmarks” and this will be the main difference between Baseer and Google Earth, which belongs to the “demonic triangle of the Zionist regime, the U.S. and Britain.”