In the first days of the Iranian New Year, three locations in Iran were hit by significant earthquakes that reportedly did not cause any fatalities or damage.

Iranian media report that on Thursday, the city of Sari in the northern province of Mazandaran was hit by a 4.9 Richter earthquake at 11 PM and was felt in many neighbouring cities.

The residents of the affected area spent fearful hours outside of their homes, and the province has gone on to be rocked nine more times with aftershocks. No damages have been reported so far.

A 4.7 Richter earthquake also hit southern Khorasan in northeastern Iran at around 5:15 PM, and no reports of casualties or damages have been issued from Khorasan.

At 9:15 PM, another earthquake, with a magnitude of 3.7, hit the southwestern province of Khuzestan, and another hit Kerman province at 3.3 on the Richter scale.

Iran is among the top 10 countries most prone to earthquakes and many of its major cities are built on or close to fault lines that cover at least 90 percent of the country.

The last deadly earthquake hit northeastern Iran last August, killing hundreds of people.