MohammadJavad Rouh

Detained journalist MohammadJavad Rouh was released on Saturday March 16, the Kaleme website reports.

Rouh, who has a long history of working with reformist newspapers, was arrested on February 1 in the wave of journalist arrests in Iran that began in late January. He is a member of the Society for the Defence of Prisoner Rights and the Islamic Iran Participation Front, a reformist party.

The Ministry of Intelligence claimed the journalist arrests were prompted by the discovery of a broad network of anti-regime media activists that stretches outside Iran.

The detained journalists have been released on bail gradually, but the Intelligence Minister has announced that while journalists are being released as their interrogations are completed, more of them may be arrested as the investigation continues.

The move appears to be an intimidation tactic against journalists in the months leading up to the June presidential election.

Since the controversial presidential election of 2009, journalists have become a repeated target of government crackdowns, which has forced many of them flee the country.