Khosro Kordpour

Arrest of Iranian journalist and human rights activist Khosro Kordpour in Mahabad reveals the persistence of the wave of arrests against journalists that began late January in Iran.

Massoud Kordpour brother of the detained journalists told Zamaneh that security officials arrested Khosro Kordpour with a warrant on Thursday March 7 and confiscated his computer and some of his personal belongings. The charges against him have not been announced yet.

Kordpour is the director of Mokerian News Agency which mostly covers news of Kurdestan Province and human rights issues.

Close to twenty journalists have been arrested in the past month in Iran and while most of them have been released on bail, the intelligence ministry claims that it has uncovered an anti-regime media network with numerous links outside the country.

Analysts have interpreted the arrests as a move by the establishment to prevent any form of mass protests or activities gaining momentum in the time leading to the presidential elections in June.