Soleyman Mohammadi and Pejman Mousavi, two of the recently detained journalists, were released on Saturday March 2, the opposition website Kaleme reports.

Mohammadi and Mousavi, both on the staff of the Bahar daily, were arrested on February 1 in a wave of journalist arrests initiated by the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence.

The ministry claims that it has discovered a network of anti-regime reporters and journalists with links inside and outside the country. So far, no official charges have been announced; however, many of the detained journalists have been released on bail, and five of them still remain in custody.

The Ministry of Intelligence has accused the BBC of masterminding the alleged network in collaboration with other Persian-language media outlets outside Iran. No concrete evidence has been released so far to back up the allegations; however, some reports indicate that the government may broadcast alleged “confessions” of some of the detainees.

Reports from Iran indicate that the wave of arrest of journalists has reached beyond the borders of the capital, and 12 journalists have been reportedly arrested in Ilam.