Mohammad Davari

Mohammad Davari, the Iranian political prisoner and editor-in-chief of Saham News, was released on Wednesday February 20 after three and a half years in jail.

Davari was arrested in September of 2009 and had not been given a day of furlough until his release yesterday, Kaleme reports.

According to this report, Davari’s charges involved “interviewing victims at Kahrizak Prison and video recording the sessions as he gathered evidence for presentation to the judiciary.” Kaleme adds that Davari was acting under the personal instructions and supervision of Mehdi Karroubi, the Iranian opposition leader who is currently under house arrest.

In 2009, a group of detained protesters was transferred to Kahrizak Prison, where they were severely tortured and abused. The death of three detainees under torture made the matter hit the media, and three judicial officials, including the Tehran Prosecutor at the time, Saeed Mortazavi, are now prime suspects in the investigations.

Reports have indicated that Davari had been under pressure to make statements against Mehdi Karroubi. Davari was sentenced to five years in jail by the Revolutionary Court.