Zamaneh has launched its new Zamaneh Tribune site at It provides a platform for all citizens to publish their own material, which could include text, audio or video files as well as photos or sketches. These contributions are published in the same form that they arrive in, and we will make every effort to post them as quickly as possible once we have received them.

You are allowed to upload material that has been pulished elsewhere. If you want to get more readers for something you had previously posted on your personal pages or on other websites, you could bring your piece to Zamaneh Tribune.

Zamaneh Tribune complements the main site of Radio Zamaneh and has already become a popular choice among Persian-language news and information websites.

Zamaneh Tribune also complements Radio Zamaneh’s online journalism training section, as the participants in that program get to publish their material in the Tribune and then determine the readers’ evaluation of their work through the comments and viewer responses.

While the bulk of Zamaneh Tribune is dedicated to material we receive from you, we also search Persian websites and provide a selection of interesting material published each day. We also welcome any suggestions from our readers and encourage them to share with us any interesting material they come across on the web, so we can include it in the Zamaneh Tribune’s daily lineup.

We are also looking for “Good News”, which has its own column in Zamaneh Tribune, to spread some degree of optimism amid the overwhelming barrage of disheartening news: the release of a political prisoner or news of a successful protest could lift someone's spirits.

We have a humour section and welcome witty and lighthearted contributions in various media.

We also urge you to direct us toward controversial issues of concern on Persian websites, since we are intent on staying on top of these issues and bringing you continued coverage. Our main objective is to reflect issues that do not find their way into mainstream media and remain out of sight in the margins.

Please forward your material through the following


or follow the simple contact link available on Zamaneh Tribune.

Do not forget that Zamaneh Tribune is in your hands!