John Kerry

John Kerry, the new U.S. Secretary of State, says the world community is ready  to respond appropriately if Iran shows it is serious in resolving its nuclear disputes.

Reuters reports that in his first joint press conference with Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird on Friday February 9, John Kerry said: “The international community is ready to respond if Iran comes prepared to talk real substance and to address concerns that could not be more clear about their nuclear program. If they don't, then they will choose to leave themselves more isolated."

He stressed, however, that the U.S. president has been clear that his priority is to reach a diplomatic solution and he is ready to negotiate about peaceful nuclear programs.

The latest round of talks between Iran and the world powers is to take place on February 26 in Kazakhstan.

While the world powers suspect that Iran might have military ambitions in its nuclear program, Iran has repeatedly held that its nuclear activities are completely peaceful.

Iran has been subjected to severe international sanctions, and Iran’s Supreme Leader has accused the U.S. of negotiating in bad faith and said that offering to negotiate while intensifying sanctions is the same as offering to negotiate at gunpoint.