The Iranian Atomic Agency has denied recent rumours of an explosion at the uranium-enrichment plant in Fordo.

The Khaneh Mellat website reports that the agency’s deputy head said during the evening of January 27 that there has been no explosion at the Fordo facilities and the reports are “completely false.”

Yesterday, a number of media reported that an explosion had occurred at Iran’s Fordo facility, located underground in Qom’s mountainous region.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, the head of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, also denied the reports, saying: “The news of an explosion at the Fordo facilities is a Western propaganda show as we approach the nuclear negotiations.”

The next round of nuclear talks between Iran and the world powers is reportedly going to take place in February.

Boroujerdi stressed that there has been “no explosion of any dimension” at the underground nuclear facility.

The world powers have demanded an end to uranium enrichment in Iran, but Iran insists that as an NPT signatory, it has a right to enrich uranium to prepare fuel for its research nuclear reactor.

World powers are concerned that enriched uranium may be used for military purposes, but Iran has continuously hold to the position that it is not interested in developing nuclear weapons.