Mehdi Khazali

Hardline cleric Abolghassem Khazali met with his estranged son Mehdi Khazali in Evin Prison on Tuesday January 22.

Kaleme reports that the meeting took place at the request of Ayatollah Khazali, who reportedly urged his son to “end his support for the election protests” of 2009.

Ayatollah Khazali, a conservative political figure, had disowned his son for supporting the 2009 protests and siding with reformists.

Mehdi Khazali was last arrested at a meeting of writers last November and, according to the report on Kaleme, he has been on hunger strike for the past 20 days and has lost 20 kilos.

Khazali has gone on hunger strikes on six occasions to protest the mistreatment of prisoners by the authorities.

Khazali, a physician by profession, has been a staunch supporter of the Green Movement and has been very critical of the government crackdown on protesters  in recent years on his personal blogs.