Iranian authorities say a U.S. plane made an emergency landing at Ahwaz Airport in southwestern Iran after experiencing technical difficulties.

The head of Iranian Airports, Mohammad Rasoulinejad, told the Mehr News Agency: “This airplane, a small commercial aircraft, landed at Ahwaz Airport 20 days ago.”

He added that the plane, with three passengers onboard, was given permission to land once those technical difficulties emerged.

Rasoulinejad went on to say that the passengers were allowed to continue on their journey to the Gulf Arab states, while the aircraft still remains under repair in Iran.

He made no remark about the delay in announcing this news.

Meanwhile the Fars News Agency also reported on the incident, citing the deputy governor of Khuzestan Province, who said the landing took place 10 days ago as the aircraft was en route from Dubai to Amsterdam.

The Fars report indicates that in “coordination with the Swiss Embassy”, the plane continued to its final destination.

Iran and the United States have cut off diplomatic relations for more than 30 years, and the Swiss Embassy represents U.S. interests in Iran.