Maghreb daily

Iran’s Press Supervisory Board has found the Maghreb Newspaper in violation of press regulations for publishing a cartoon of the Iranian president looking pleased that he will no longer be called for questioning by Parliament.

ISNA reported on Wednesday December 12 that Maghreb has been found in violations of press laws and remains shut down.

Last month, Maghreb published a cartoon of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad joyously tearing a paper, and the piece was titled: “End of Questioning!”, with additional text stating that: “Ahmadinejad was exempted from answering Parliament’s questions by a state order.”

The Ministry of Culture and Guidance filed a complaint regarding this cartoon with the Press Supervisory Board. The ministry claimed Maghreb had already received several other warnings that went unheeded.

Back in September, the director of Maghreb, Mohammad Mehdi Emami ,was arrested on charges the judiciary claimed were not connected to journalism.

Some state media sources have accused Maghreb of aligning itself with opposition views.