Close to 150 protesters attacked the Iranian consulate in the Afghan city of Herat, calling on Iran to return the remains of 13 young men they claim were shot to death by Iranian security guards at the Iran-Afghanistan border.

The protesters say the 13 men had left for Iran in search of jobs and have been missing ever since. They also claim to have evidence that these individuals were killed by Iranian forces.

Iranian officials deny the allegations and have told the local media there is no evidence these individuals entered Iranian territory.

The protesters attacked the Iranian consulate with rocks and clubs, and the police shot into the air to disperse them.

The protesters, who carried pictures of the missing individuals, were forced by police to leave the area of the Iranian consulate but they later gathered in from of Herat City Hall.

Some Herat officials are reportedly going to meet with representatives of the protesters today.

Herat officials had said earlier that they would follow up on this matter through the Afghanistan Foreign Ministry. Last month Afghan foreign ministry announced that it is pursing the matter with Iranian authorties.