Parastou Forouhar

Iranian authorities confiscated the passport of Parastou Forouhar at the airport today, on Saturday, as she entered Iran on the eve of the 14th annual commemoration of her parents’ death.

Radio Farda reports that Parastou Forouhar said the authorities took away her passport as soon as she arrived at the airport and handed her a summons to report to security forces within the next 10 days.

Parasto Forouhar’s parents, Daryoosh and Parvaneh Forouhar, were assassinated in their homes in Tehran in 1998, and their deaths became a prologue to a series of assassinations, referred to as the chain murders, targeting a number of Iranian intellectuals and dissenters .

Daryoosh Forouhar was the leader of the Nation of Iran Party and a prominent political activist.

At the time, the Islamic Republic Intelligence Ministry attributed the murders to “arbitrary forces” within the ministry and denied systematic involvement in it.

Parastou Forouhar travels each year to Iran from Germany, where she resides, to commemorate her parents death; however, she also reports that in recent years the authorities have regularly barred her from organizing any commemoration event for the Forouhars.

Forouhar has reportedly told Radio Farda that in the past eight years they have restricted her efforts to hold a remembrance event for her parents, going so far as to block the street leading to her home in order to stop friends and relatives from attending any gathering.