An Iranian MP announced today that the country’s shortage of medical drugs has reached a critical point, and reserves will be depleted within two months.

The Khaneh Mellat News Agency reports that MP Rasoul Khezri criticized Western countries for imposing sanctions on medical drugs, saying: “There is no doubt that such actions are in contradiction of human rights principles, and it also reveals the enemy’s hostile policies against the people and even our patients.”

The recent sanctions on Iran imposed by the U.S. and the EU have put the Iranian economy under severe stress, with the export of Iranian oil cut in half and the import of other goods highly restricted. In some cases, drugs for serious ailments such as cancer and MS have also fallen under the sanctions.

Recently, the head of Iran’s Physicians Organization criticized the UN General Secretary for his “silence” in the face of medical drug sanctions.

Ban Ki-moon has already confirmed reports that Iran is facing a shortage of medical drugs.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has declared that the sanctions on medical drugs are aimed at creating public discontent in Iran.