Reza Shahabi

The Iranian judiciary has reduced the prison term of labour activist Reza Shahabi from six years in jail to four, human rights groups report.

However, according to the HRANA Human Rights Activist News Agency, the sentence also includes a fine of 70 million rials. His wife reports that if the fine is not paid in full when by March of 2013 when he is set for release, he will have to serve another year.

Robabeh Rezai reported that her husband has undergone neck surgery, and despite his fragile health condition, the prison authorities have refused to grant him sick leave and have returned him to jail to serve out his sentence.

Reza Shahabi was treasurer of the Vahed Public Transit Drivers Union when he was arrested in June of 2009 and was reportedly subjected to six months of fierce interrogations and beatings, which led to spinal injuries.