The head of Iranian Parliament’s defence committee says the drone that flew over Israel on October 6 has relayed photos of “sensitive bases” there.

The Mehr News Agency reports that Esmail Kosari told Al-Alam network: “These drones transmit their information online, and right now we possess photos of restricted areas.”

Earlier this month, Israel downed a UAV that had flown 25 miles inside Israeli territory. Lebanon’s Hezbollah claimed responsibility for sending the aircraft, adding that it had been acquired from Iran and assembled in Lebanon.

Asked if Hezbollah has more sophisticated drones, Kosari said he could not divulge the group’s capabilities.

Israel has dismissed the claims, saying that to its knowledge, the downed drone did not have the capability to transmit pictures.

The report comes a day after Iranian Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi announced that Iran has more sophisticated drones than the one shot down by Israel.