Iranian Parliament is reviewing legislation for transferring the responsibility for running the election from the Interior Ministry to an 11-member delegation.

ISNA reports that Iranian MP Ramazan Shojai Kiyasari said on Tuesday that the duty of organizing the presidential election will be given to an 11-member group called the Executive Delegation.

He added that the Interior Minister, the Intelligence Minister, the prosecutor general and the deputy head of Parliament will be members of the delegation, and the remaining seven members will be chosen by the first four members from among national, religious and political figures.

If approved, the new regulations will be used in the coming presidential election in June of 2013.

The last presidential election in 2009 was marred by widespread allegations of fraud, which led to mass protests and the demand for a recount of the votes. The challengers of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s victory in the 2009 election remain in jail and under house arrest.