The Iranian Foreign Ministry has called on Syria and Turkey to exercise restraint in sympathy with the survivors of the recent attacks in the two countries’ border regions.

IRNA reports that Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast condemned the shelling of a Turkish border city on Wednesday, describing it as a move by the “enemies of peace and stability in the region.”

The Syrian government has called for restraint from Turkey until investigations can identify the source of these attacks.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Parliament has approved Prime Minister Erdogan’s plan to carry out military operations in Syrian territory; however, Ankara has emphasized that this is not a declaration of war against Syria.

Turkish media report that the Turkish military has been given the green light to carry out military operations in Syria, after Turkish territory was shelled from Syrian soil on Wednesday.

The shelling of the Turkish city killed five Turkish nationals, and the country’s military responded by shelling various regions of Syrian territory.

Reports indicate the Turkish shelling of Syria continued on Thursday.

The Turkish Parliament has given the green light to aerial and military attacks on key targets in Syria over the next year. The bill was passed 320 to 129, and the deputy prime minister told the media the bill was more deterrent in nature, stressing that Turkey does not plan to declare war on Syria.

IRNA quoted Mehmanparast saying: “The sole solution to the problems and to exit the current solution lies in restraint, dialogue and political intervention.”