Iran’s currency has lost another 13 percent in value as the rial continues its freefall against foreign currencies.

According to websites like Mesghal and Mazanex, the dollar was traded at over 35,000 rials today, October 1.

The government continues to sell the dollar at 12,260 rials, a rate that is offered only for special import purposes and is not available for regular public purchase.

Iranian authorities have censored websites that reported on the unprecedented fall of rial today.

The Iranian Labour News Agency (ILNA) reported on the fall of the rial, saying currency traders have blamed the government for the sudden fall and complained that the Central Bank is no longer providing foreign currency for the market.

The report indicates that the public has, therefore ,turned to the black market which is now determining the price of the dollar.

The Mehr News Agency reports that following the extreme fluctuations in the foreign currency market, currency traders in Tehran’s Ferdowsi Square have closed their doors and pulled down their blinds.