Ahmad Vahidi

Iran’s Defence Minister says it is Israel that has “crossed the red line” by possessing dozens of nuclear missiles.

IRNA reports that Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi said at a ministry meeting: “Which is more dangerous: the aggressive and occupying Zionist regime, which has the atom bomb and keeps making military threats, or Iran, which has no nuclear weapons and most of all emphasizes nuclear disarmament and only pursues peaceful nuclear energy in the framework of the Non-Proliferation Treaty regulations?”

At the General Assembly of the United Nations, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for the setting of a “red line” against Iran, meaning an ultimatum to stop its uranium enrichment program.

Israel has repeatedly threatened that it is prepared to take military action against Iran to stop its nuclear activities, but Iran insists that its nuclear program is peaceful and it is entitled to it according to NPT regulations.

Vahidi added: “The international community should put pressure on the warmongering Zionist regime, not independent and peace-loving countries that use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.”

He went on to accuse Israel of creating “an atmosphere of controversy and extortion” against Iran’s nuclear program, adding that Israel is trying to overcome its “own isolation and legitimize itself in the public eye.”

He called for the “prosecution and punishment of Israel in an international court for committing war crimes and violating international laws.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has been calling for Israel to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty and allow the International Atomic Energy Agency to inspect its nuclear facilities.