Mohammad Mursi

Egyptian President Mohammad Mursi says he will not rest until the violence in Syria is brought to an end.

In his first appearance at the United Nations, Mursi called on all nations to cooperate in stopping the bloodshed in Syria.

In an earlier interview on Monday with American television network PBS, the Egyptian President touched on the Syrian conflict, saying a joint effort involving his country, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey could end the military conflict in Syria.

Mursi told PBS’s Charlie Rose that while he believed Beshar Assad must go, he was opposed to any foreign intervention in Syria.

In his UN speech today, September 26, Mursi also called on the world body to endorse the rights of the Palestinian people.

Mursi said that it was “shameful” that UN resolutions were not being honoured, stressing that “the fruits of dignity and freedom must not remain far from the Palestinian people.”

He went on to denounce Israel’s persistence in building settlements in the West Bank.

Mursi also slammed the recent video produced in the United States about the Prophet Mohammad. He stressed that freedom of speech could not justify attacks against any religion but he went on to condemn the violence that it has triggered in the Muslim world.