Ramazan Sharif

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps say it has military attaches in 15 countries around the world but stresses that this does not mean that it has a military presence in those countries.

Sepah News reported that Commander Ramazan Sharif, the head of IRGC Public Relations, said: “Currently, in about 15 countries around the world including Syria and Lebanon, the IRGC and the Islamic Republic army have military attaches.”

He stressed that the head of the IRGC, Mohammad Ali Jafari, had said that same thing in an earlier speech.

Ramazan Sharif emphasized that “offering advice and our experience to Syria as a member of the resistance axis against the Zionist regime is one the Islamic Republic’s points of pride.”

Some Western countries have accused the Qods Force, the international branch of the IRGC, of having a military presence in Syria and assisting the regime in its crackdown on protesters.

The IRGC denies the allegations, and the Islamic Republic has expressed its opposition to foreign intervention in the Syrian conflict.