Iran has dismissed the recent IAEA report about cleaning Parchin Military Base of nuclear evidence, saying the statements are technically flawed.

ISNA reports that Iranian foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi whi used to be head of Iran;s Atomic Agency, said on Friday: “Any expert in the field will recognize that such statements are mere excuses and such things cannot be made to disappear by cleaning up.”

On Thursday the IAEA released its latest report on Iran’s nuclear program which included a report indicating that Iran has probably done extensive cleaning of the Parchin Military Base which will impede future investigation by the agency inspectors.

The report also indicated that Iran has doubled the number of its centrifuges in Fordo nuclear plant near Qom.

Iran has refused to stop its nuclear enrichment program saying it has a right to make fuel for its reactors.

The West suspects that the uranium enrichment program could lead to giving Iran the capability to build nuclear weapons.

Iran’s Supreme Leader has said repeatedly that Iran does not want to build nuclear weapons and is committed to a Middle East free of nuclear weapons.