Iran’s Foreign Minister has announced that the seven Iranian relief workers abducted in Libya have contacted their families in Iran.

The Mehr News Agency reports that that the kidnapped staff of the Red Crescent of Iran contacted their families today, Friday August 31, and Ali Akbar Salehi, the Iranian Foreign Minister, assured the public that the aid workers will soon be released in Libya.

On the sidelines of the 16th NAM summit in Tehran, the families of the seven aid workers met with the head of the International Committee of Red Cross and Libyan Foreign Minister Ashour Benkhayal, who assured the families that their kin were in good health.

The seven aid workers were abducted by an armed group in Libya after they arrived in Benghazi on August 1.

The Iranian Foreign Minister told reporters in Tehran: “Today, the Iranian hostages in Libya held telephone conversations with their families.”

He added that his ministry has had several contacts with Libyan officials and he expressed hope that the abducted Iranian aid workers would soon be released.

Red Crescent officials in Iran say the Libyan Red Crescent has informed them that the Iranian hostages are being held in the south of Benghazi, but so far the kidnappers have not made any clear demands in exchange for their release.