Islamic Republic Security Forces have announced the arrest of a number of individuals who “planned to disturb the order of the NAM summit.”

Iranian media report that Esmail Ahmadi Moghaddam, the head of Iran’s security forces, announced on Saturday the launch of security drills in connection with the upcoming meeting of the delegations of Non-Aligned Movement state members.

“It is only natural that intelligence and terrorist groups might try to create a sideshow, however small, but the effective cooperation of all forces defused all of their efforts,” Ahmadi Moghaddam told the media.

The 16th NAM Summit, with delegations from close to 120 countries, will take place in Tehran starting August 26.

The deputy head of Iranian security forces, Ahmadreza Radan, announced that 110 thousand personnel are involved in providing security and order for the meeting. In addition to thousands of vehicles, the security plans reportedly include more than 700 checkpoints in the capital.

The Mehrabad Airport will be closed to the public as a security measure, and travel and traffic will be restricted in Tehran.