Yukiya Amano

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency says he is not optimistic about the outcome of the talks with Iran on Friday.

Iran will hold its next round of talks with the IAEA on Friday in Vienna.

The UN agency is seeking the right to inspect the Parchin Military Base, but Iran insists that Parchin is not a nuclear facility and denies allegations that it has been removing evidence of nuclear activity from the area.

Yukiya Amano has been quoted as saying that the IAEA welcomes every opportunity for talks and negotiations with Iran, but the agency is not very hopeful about reaching a breakthrough in the Friday talks.

Amano emphasized that inspection of Parchin will remain a priority for the IAEA, but so far there have been no signs to indicate an agreement with Iran.

"Through the satellite imagery, we think that Iran is moving soil, demolishing buildings, using water, removing fences, doing landscape activities. We think this would hamper our verification activities,” Amano said on Wednesday during a visit to Finland. “Nevertheless we keep on asking Iran to give us access to the building at the Parchin site."