Shahrbanoo Mansourian

Shahrbanu Mansourian, the Iranian wushu champion, has once more bagged the gold medal in the 75 kg category.

At the 12th World Wushu Championships taking place in Vietnam, Mansourian defeated her Vietnamese adversary in the finals of the 70 kg category, winning the first gold medal for the Iranian National Wushu team this year.

Earlier in the women’s sanda competition in the 65 kg category, Khadijeh Azadpour beat her Indian opponent and moved on to the next level, where she will face a Chinese adversary.

In the 48 and 52 kg categories, the Iranian competitors Elaheh Mansourian and Khadijeh Zinalzadeh lost to their Chinese opponents.

At the 2011 Wushu Championship in Turkey, Shahrbanu Mansourian also won the gold medal in her category.