Saeed Jalili

Saeed Jalili, the head of Iran’s Supreme Council of National Security, has travelled to Syria and Lebanon to discuss the Syrian crisis with their officials.

Iranian media report that Jalili arrived in Damascus to discuss the Syrian unrest with the Syrian government.

Jalili has reportedly met with Beshar Assad and other senior Syrian officials.

The reports indicate that Beshar Assad has stressed that “foreign support of terrorism through the supplying of arms” is not acceptable, and Syria will meet the demands of its people through “democratic means.”

Before arriving in Syria, Jalili had visited Beirut to discuss the Syrian issue with Lebanese officials.

Jalili has been quoted as saying that the solution to the Syrian crisis is not through “arms and bloodshed” but through “democracy and elections.”

“We believe that the friends of Syria must reduce the burden forced onto the people of Syria by helping to stop all violent actions, to establish national talks, to hold national elections and to deliver humanitarian aid,” Jalili said.

Jalili is also going to travel to Iraq on Wednesday to continue his regional consultations.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Foreign Ministry has announced that on Thursday it is holding a meeting in Tehran regarding the Syrian unrest. The ministry has announced that more than 10 countries have already confirmed their attendance.

Iran has been supportive of the Beshar Assad government throughout the past 17 months of Syrian unrest. On Saturday, 48 Iranians were abducted by Syrian rebels who claim their captives are Iranian militiamen.

Iran has denied the charge and has demanded their immediate release. Iran says they are pilgrims on a trip to visit the Shrine of Zeinabieh in the suburbs of Damascus.