Ahmet Davutoğlu

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has announced that if Kurdistan Worker Party (PKK) fighters or Al-Qaida bases are set up at Syria’s border with Turkey, his country would “take every measure” to prevent them from establishing a foothold in the region.

Bloomberg cites the Haberturk Turkish daily, reporting today that Davutoglu said Turkey would be justified in intervening in Syria if Al-Qaida or the PKK appeared on its borders or if instability in Aleppo threatened Turkish security.

The Turkish foreign minister was cited as saying that “Turkey will oppose any groups, whether Kurdish, Sunni or Druze, who seek to take advantage of the chaos in Syria to proclaim their independence,” Bloomberg reports.

The Ahram website cited the Syrian daily Al-Watan to report that Iran has warned neighbouring Turkey that Ankara will face a harsh response should it decide to strike out against Syria.

Iran has consistently opposed any foreign intervention in Syria.