Iran says various countries are making new offers for its petrochemical products.

Abdolhossei Bayat, the deputy oil minister and head of Iran’s National Petrochemical Industries, said on Monday: “The ambassadors of several countries in Tehran have shown interest in buying our petrochemical products in their meetings with Islamic Republic officials.”

While the deputy minister did not name the countries, he maintained that Iran’s petrochemical exports, such as its crude oil shipments, are the subject of new and fervent demand.

The United States has imposed sanctions on Iran’s petrochemical products.

According to semi-official statistics, Iran exports $2-billion worth of petrochemical products to Europe each year.
Bayat said the U.S. sanctions will not affect the sale of petrochemical products to Europe.

Bayat added that Iran’s petrochemical exports have risen by 29 percent compared to last year.

The U.S. and the EU have imposed various unilateral sanctions on Iran’s oil industry in response to their disputes over Iran’s nuclear program.

Iran has remained defiant despite the sanctions and insists that it has a right to exploit nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.