Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan UN special envoy for Syrian affairs says Iran must be part of the efforts to end the violence in Syria.

Associated Press reports that on Friday Anna told reporters in Geneva that Iran has to be part of the solution to the Syrian crisis.

The US has been against any involvement of Iran in the discussion about Syria but Sergey Lavrov, Russian foreign minister has said recently that there is no valid reason for the opposition of the United States and Britain to Iran’s participation in the international meeting about the Syrian issue. Moscow has supported involvement of Iran in finding a solution to end the violence in Syria.

The US and Russia have not seen eye to eye on the Syrian crisis. While the United States leans toward tightening sanctions and international pressure on Syria, it has not been able to secure Russian support to pass UN resolutions against Syria.

Kofi Anna has tried to carry out a peace plan which has so far remained ineffective in ending the aggression.

Over a year of unrest in Syria has left over 14 thousand dead and both the government and the opposition have refused to heed Annan’s demand to honour a ceasefire.