Iranian Foreign Ministry

Iran has summoned the Saudi charge d’affaires to protest against Saudi Arabia’s execution of a number of Iranian nationals on drug charges.

ISNA reported on Tuesday, June 12, that Alireza Enayati, Iran's Foreign Ministry director for the Gulf region, called for an “immediate explanation” from Hassan Zeyd regarding the “inhumane” actions of his government in executing the Iranians.

Enayati also pointed out that Saudi Arabia had violated its international commitments and human rights provisions by denying the prisoners the right to consular access.

He added that Iran will pursue the matter through international channels and stressed that Saudi Arabia will be responsible for the consequences.

Saeed Ghashghavi, the MP in charge of Iranian citizens’ affairs abroad, reported earlier that 38 Iranians were imprisoned in Saudi Arabia. He said the Saudi Foreign Minister had assured Iran’s Foreign Minister during a telephone conversation that the death sentence against the Iranian nationals had been halted.

Iran and Saudi Arabia are among the countries where drug offences carry the death penalty.