Saeed Jalili, Iran’s top nuclear negotiator, has announced in a letter to the top G5+1 negotiator, Catherine Ashton, that any delay in holding preparatory meetings with their deputies and experts would harm the outcome of the Moscow talks.

ISNA reports that Jalili wrote to Ashton: “Iran has specific initiatives that could shape the cooperative nature of the coming talks.”
“Any delay from the other side (G5+1) in holding the meeting between deputies and experts will be a sign of doubt and hesitation in the successful outcome of the Moscow negotiations,” Jalili added.

Earlier reports from Iran indicated that the EU has not responded to Iran’s offer of a meeting between the nuclear negotiation deputies ahead of the Moscow talks.

Iran maintains that it has now sent two letters to initiate this meeting and so far has received no response.

The EU, on the other hand, has accused Iran of delaying the signing of an agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency that would allow inspection of the Parchin military base, which the West claims may be the site of nuclear tests.
Iran denies Western claims that it may be trying to build nuclear weapons.