Ali Bagheri

Iran has invited the EU to bilateral talks prior to the meeting between Iran and the world powers scheduled for later this month in Moscow.

ISNA reported on Tuesday that Ali Bagheri, who is the deputy to Saeed Jalili, the Head of Iran’s Supreme Council of National Security, has written to Helga Schmidt, the deputy to EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton, calling for bilateral negotiations.

Bagheri is quoted as saying: “The success of the Moscow meeting depends on paving the way with necessary preparations and developing a comprehensive and mutually accepted agenda.”

The report indicates that Iran sent a letter to the EU following the Baghdad talks in May and, when the letter drew no response, Tehran decided to write a second letter.

That letter stresses the urgency of arranging a bilateral meeting as the window of opportunity swiftly closes in advance of the Moscow talks.

The world powers are set to meet with the Iranian delegation on June 17 and 18 to discuss their nuclear disputes with Iran once again.

The last round of talks, in Baghdad, yielded no breakthrough, so expectations are low for these upcoming meetings.