Islamic Republic Police Force

Iranian police announced that people who use satellite programs to transmit their wedding films are in breach of the law and will face prosecution.

The head of Iran’s morality police, Brigadier General Ahmad Rozbehani, told ISNA: “Any form of collaboration or activity by any Iranian with satellite channels, including the forwarding of documentaries and such, has to be approved by the Ministry of Guidance and Culture.”

“Sending wedding films and photos to satellite programs is illegal, and we will deal with such offences according to the law,” the Iranian official said.

Previously, Iranian security forces arrested a number of Iranian documentary-makers for airing their films on Persian BBC.

The head of the morality police said his force is aware of a recent call to the Iranian public to submit wedding photos and films to satellite programs. He warned, however, that any submission has to be approved by the ministry or else it will lead to legal prosecution.