Ali Jamali Fashi

Ali Jamali Fashi, who was convicted of assassinating Iranian scientist Masood Ali Mohammadi, was hanged today at Evin Prison.

Iranian media report that the Islamic Republic had accused Ali Jamali Fashi of being linked to Mossad, the Israeli security and intelligence agency.

Jamali Fashi, who was 26, was accused of planting a bomb on a motorcycle and parking it next to Massoud Ali Mohammadi’s home on January 12, 2010. The professor of physics at Tehran University was killed by the exploding bomb as he left his home.

One year later, Iran’s Intelligence Ministry announced that it had arrested Ali Mohammadi’s assassin and added that Mossad had guided the operation though a number of bases in European and non-European countries as well as some of Iran’s neighbouring countries.

Following this announcement, Ali Jamali Fashi was shown on state television confessing to the details of the assassination and describing his alleged recruitment by Mossad.

Ali Jamali Fashi’s trial began last September, when he was charged with “enmity against God and corruption on Earth”, and he was handed the death penalty within a week.

The Supreme Court confirmed the sentence this month.

In recent years, four of Iran’s nuclear scientists have been targets of assassination attempts, and three of them were killed.