Hamit Coskun and Adem Ozkose

Two Turkish journalists abducted in Syria two months ago have been released after Iran intervened.

Reuters reports that the Turkish Foreign Minister announced on Saturday: “"I have good news: our longstanding efforts have finally paid off. I just spoke to Iran’s Foreign Minister Mr. Salehi. Hamit Coskun and Adem Ozkose, who haven’t been heard of since they went to Syria, are on their way to Tehran at this moment.”

The two journalists went missing in the border regions of Turkey and Syria in March while reporting on the Syrian uprising. They have now been flown to Iran and will soon return to Turkey.

The release of the two journalists once again attests to Iran’s influence in Syria and the growing tensions between Turkey and Syria.

Turkey has cut off relations with Syria in support of the protests, and flights between the countries have been suspended. Turkey is now sheltering about 23,000 Syrian refugees who fled their country since the unrest began.