Iranian Foreign Ministry

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has spoken out against "negative publicity against Iran in the Afghani media” and summoned the Afghani Charge d’affaires in Tehran.

The Fars News Agency announced that Iran’s Foreign Ministry summoned the Charge d’affaires on Thursday and once again expressed concern about the Strategic Agreement signed between Afghanistan and the United States.

The ministry’s head of Afghanistan affairs, Mohsen PakAyin said: “Islamic Republic authorities have expressed their concerns to the Afghani government and the international community again and again about the U.S. security threat in the region, especially the continued existence of U.S. military bases in Afghanistan.

PakAyin also spoke out against the “negative publicity against Iran” in the Afghani media and said these efforts are aimed at “disrupting the friendly and brotherly relationship between Tehran and Kabul.”

He went on the urge the Afghani government to “manage the situation” as soon as possible.

According to Fars News, Afghani Charge d’affaires Shahmardan Ghol emphasized the need to consolidate and strengthen relations between the two neighbouring countries. While expressing regret over the Afghani media’s actions, Ghol informed the Iranian Foreign Ministry that he will deliver its message of concern to his government.

Several Afghani officials have condemned Iran’s criticism of the agreement between their country and the United States, accusing Iran of interfering in their country’s affairs.