Hillary Clinton

The U.S. is trying hard to convince India to reduce its oil imports from Iran.

A U.S. official told the Associated Press that reducing those imports will be a top priority when U.S. State Secretary Hillary Clinton meets with Indian authorities during her two-day visit to the Asian country, and she will urge Indian government to cut back as much as possible.

With its growing need for fuel, India is a major buyer of Iranian crude. While reports indicate that India has tried to reduce its dependence on Iranian crude, the United States is calling for further cuts.

The Associated Press report indicated that India has increased oil imports from Saudi Arabia in order to balance the reduced flow from Iran.

Clinton, who began her visit to India today, Sunday, will visit Calcutta and New Delhi during her trip.

Clinton’s trip coincides with a visit to India by a large trade delegation from the Islamic Republic, which is examining market opportunities in the country.

In March, Bloomberg reported that India and China are trying to circumvent U.S. sanctions by paying for parts of their oil imports with local currencies.

The United States has announced that countries could face sanctions if they do not significantly reduce their oil imports from Iran by the end of June.