The United States is considering the possibility of allowing low-grade uranium enrichment in Iran if the Islamic Republic agrees to UN conditions and unlimited scrutiny of its nuclear facilities by international inspectors.

A senior U.S. official told The Los Angeles Times that if Iran agrees to strict UN inspection of its nuclear program, the U.S. might agree to a uranium-enrichment program of up to five percent.

Enrichment of uranium in high grades may be used to build a nuclear bomb; however, low-grade uranium enrichment is used to produce fuel for nuclear reactors to generate power or for medical purposes.

This compromise is an indication that world powers have come to the conclusion that an outright demand to shut down Iran’s uranium enrichment will once again result in the breakdown of nuclear negotiations with Iran.

Gary Seymour, a top White House official, has recently indicated that future meetings will tackle the issue of which parts of Iran’s nuclear program can continue.

In an interview with Radio Farda, Seymour said that once Iran clears up all concerns about its nuclear activities, Iran’s right to produce nuclear energy for peaceful purposes will be recognized.