Ebrahim Madadi

Iranian labour activist Ebrahim Madadi was released today after three and half years in an Iranian jail.

The Coordinating Committee to Facilitate the Creation of Labour Organizations in Iran reported on Wednesday that Madadi, an executive member of the Sherkat-e Vahed bus drivers’ labour union, was greeted by a group of his peers and family members in front of Evin Prison.

Also in the welcoming party was a group of Sherkat-e Vahed bus drivers, who arrived in uniform to further express their support for Madadi.

The activist’s release was lauded by the International Confederation of Trade Unions and the International Federation of Transportation Workers.

Madadi was arrested on security charges in 2008 and sentenced to three and a half years in jail.

Reza Shahabi, another Sherkat-e Vahed Union member, remains incarcerated in Evin Prison and recently began a hunger strike to protest the six-year jail term recently handed to him by an Islamic Republic court.

Shahabi maintains that he has committed no offence and is demanding immediate medical treatment for his spinal complications.